DIY velvet headboard

When you see the cutest headboard but the price tag is not in the budget, you diy. Or maybe you simply enjoy crafting. Well in my case it was a little bit of both. This was my first time making a headboard and it wasn’t pretty at first. I highly recommend not using cardboard!! Perhaps it was the type of velvet I had. Or my cardboard wasn’t strong enough but it was a complete mess. I started out measuring and cutting the foam and cardboard. Laid the fabric over and stretched it to the back. I stapled the velvet to the cardboard and voila you have headboard! Days passes, I noticed it was caving in and had to deconstruct. I scoured the internet for all the tips & tricks and adventured out for round two.

Supplies: plywood, velvet fabric, 2 rolls of foam, 4 screws, staple gun, drill, and a hammer.

So let me teach you from my mistakes. Once you have your foam and and plywood to size MAKE your mounting holes. To do this drill 4 holes in each corner of the plywood. PLEASE do not wait till the end as I did. From here align the piece of plywood where it will be hung. Drill screws in wall that match the holes on the plywood.

I am just saving you from headaches later. As I waited till the end to do any drilling. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty! I had to drill through fabric…. um worst mistake ever. The fabric got stuck and as well as the foam. Smh. You’ll then

You’ll then want to layer the velvet,foam, and plywood upside down so you’ll be able to see the backside.

Fold the side pieces of fabric in and staple. Do the same with the top and bottom pieces. You’ll want to make sure you’re pulling the fabric tight but not too tight where it’s making a dent in the foam around the boarders.

If you can, try to avoid covering your mounting holes. If you can’t, no worries just poke/cut a hole through your fabric.

And voila you’re DONE!! now let’s get to hanging that bad boy up. Drop your screws in your pre-made holes on the wall. Do not screw all the way in, leave some room. Then just hang your headboard into each screw. It sounds like a lot of work but I promise if you do what I say and not what I did it’ll go way faster!! Happy crafting friends.

Easy DIY Succulent Pumpkin Planters


Let’s be honest I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. Does anyone need a cactus killer? I love plants but I can never keep them alive. With that being said, I will be showing you how to make these easy faux succulent pumpkin planters. Bonus this project only costed ten dollars, who has a green thumb now!




Styrofoam pumpkins, acrylic paint, faux succulents, sand or small pebbles, scissors or a knife, river rocks, and a foam brush.


Start off by cutting a hole at the top of the pumpkin. Remove lid and disregard any extras. Note, you want your pumpkin to be hallow.


Completely cover all of the orange with two coats of paint.


Next add in the sand or pebbles, leaving an extra inch for the river rocks.


Insert faux succulents and you are finished!


Send me your creations @britnefaythe
What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

3 DIY Snapchat Halloween Costumes 

DIY Snapchat costumes.jpg…. Sorry, I was too busy Snaping! But who isn’t these days? Since the world revolves around Snapchat (well at least mine does) I thought I would show you how to create your very own Snapchat Costume. All items were purchased from the dollar store making the total cost eleven dollars minus tax. These are my three favorite filters, well after the deer filter of course. Let’s get started!

The Butterfly Crown Filter:

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 11.09.59 PM.png


For this project you will need butterflies ornaments, a headband, wire cutter, and a glue gun.


Start off by cutting off the extra wire from the bottom of the butterflies. Once you have a layout for each butterfly, carefully glue them to the headband. Making sure glue is completely dry before glue the next butterfly.

The Flower Crown Filter:

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 11.10.31 PM.png


For this project you will need scissors, faux flowers, a headband, and a glue gun. 


Start off by Start off by detaching the flowers from the stems. Once you have a layout for each flower, carefully glue them to the headband. Making sure glue is completely dry before glue the next flower.

The Dog Filter:

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 11.11.19 PM.png


For this project you will need scissors, two dog toys, a headband, a sock, two pipe cleaners, a popsicle stick, glue gun, and needle & thread.


Trim the tail of the toy the length desired, leaving an extra inch. Repeat to the other side. Turn ears inside out making sure stuffing and squeakers have been removed. Cut the pipe cleaners in half, and carefully glue them along the white part making an upside-down v. Once they are dry, turn them inside-out. Trim a vertical slit on each side towards the opening. Securely attach the ears with the pipe cleaners and carefully glue shut. Stuff the sock upside down to the desired amount. Cut off any extra material from the opening and glue together. Sew a vertical line starting midway down the tongue, stopping a half an inch before the bottom. Glue the popsicle stick towards the top of the tongue and fold down.

What is your favorite filter? Snap me your creations @britnefaythe

DIY Lyric Pumpkin Decor



Okay guys, get ready for the easiest DIY project of your entire life. I’ve been seeing all sorts of painted pumpkin ideas on the Internet, but wanted to create something a little different. Did I mention it only cost four dollars minus the paint and foam brush. This project is perfect for the last minute person or an unexpected event you have to host. If you switch the lyrics to a thanksgiving themed song, you can enjoy these beauties all fall long.


For this project you will need pumpkins, acrylic paint,  a foam brush,  and black alphabet stickers.



Start off by paiting the top or bottom half of the pumpkin, let each half dry as you alternate sides.



You will want at least two coats of paint to make sure you completely cover all of the orange.



Once the pumpkins are dry, carefully place stickers onto pumpkins to create your lyric pumpkins.


What’s your favorite Halloween themed song?


3 Easy DIY Necklaces


My jewelry box is filled to the brim, thanks to these easy diys. Not only am I loving the different colors and styles, I didn’t go broke buying them from a store. I made eight plus necklaces for under twenty dollars. That’s one necklace if you were to purchase it at a name brand store. No brainer, huh? You’ll definitely see me gloriously rocking my handcrafted jewelry all year long.


Velvet choker 



For this necklace you will need scissors, pliers, tweezers or needle nose pliers, velvet ribbon, two ribbon crimps, two jump rings, and a lobster clasp extender kit.


Start off by detaching the lobster clasp from the chain. Then open the jump rings with pliers and tweezers.  Attach the detached chain and crimp to one of the jump rings. With other opened jump ring attach the detached clasp and second crimp. With scissors make any necessary adjustments to the ribbon. Note you want it to be an inch shorter than the circumference of your neck. Make sure teeth of the crimps are on top, place velvet ribbon inside crimp. Using plyers to tightly close crimp.

Suede wrap



For this necklace you will need scissors, pliers, tweezers or needle nose pliers, suede string, and two bead cones.


Start off by opening bead cones with pliers and tweezers. Then measure and trim string to desired length. Insert one end of the string into cone, and tightly close. Repeat to the other side.

Beaded Choker 



For this necklace you will need scissors, pliers, tweezers or needle nose pliers, two pieces of suede string, a bead, and a lobster clasp crimp kit.


Start off by measuring two pieces of string the circumference of your neck. Fold one piece in half and insert loop in bead hole. Pull the ends through loop and tightly secure. Repeat to other side. Make any necessary adjustments and note that you want it to be an inch shorter than the circumference of your neck. Layer ends of the string on top of each other to insert into crimp, repeat to the other side. Use tweezers to hold in place as you tightly pinch crimp shut with pliers.

I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations!  Send me pics @britnefaythe

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