DIY Succulent Pumpkin Planters

Let's be honest I don't have the greenest of thumbs. Does anyone need a cactus killer? I love plants but I can never keep them alive. With that being said, I will be showing you how to make these easy faux succulent pumpkin planters. Bonus this project only costed ten dollars, who has a green … Continue reading DIY Succulent Pumpkin Planters


DIY Snapchat Halloween Costumes 

.... Sorry, I was too busy Snaping! But who isn't these days? Since the world revolves around Snapchat (well at least mine does) I thought I would show you how to create your very own Snapchat Costume. All items were purchased from the dollar store making the total cost eleven dollars minus tax. These are … Continue reading DIY Snapchat Halloween Costumes 

DIY Lyric Pumpkin Decor

   Okay guys, get ready for the easiest DIY project of your entire life. I've been seeing all sorts of painted pumpkin ideas on the Internet, but wanted to create something a little different. Did I mention it only cost four dollars minus the paint and foam brush. This project is perfect for the last … Continue reading DIY Lyric Pumpkin Decor

DIY Choker & Wrap Necklaces 

My jewelry box is filled to the brim, thanks to these easy diys. Not only am I loving the different colors and styles, I didn't go broke buying them from a store. I made eight plus necklaces for under twenty dollars. That's one necklace if you were to purchase it at a name brand store. … Continue reading DIY Choker & Wrap Necklaces