I’m just your typical insta fur mom that enjoys summer night bike rides, going on random adventures,  dancing at any given moment, and relaxing with a sweet glass of wine. My absolute favorite things to do are hiking and being outdoors; it revives my soul and the beauty takes my breath away. Not to mention that each adventure aids me in reaching my goals of being healthy and fit. But don’t get me wrong I’m a total foodie and sweets are my vice. Let’s just say the day I turn down pizza, sushi, or chocolate PLEASE take me to the hospital. Aside of that you can find me spending time with my family/friends, creating new things, and pretending like I’m a photographer. Honestly I gravitate to learning new things; like starting Korean lessons, trying to create cakes like the pros, and DIYing home decor. I’ve always been on the more unique side; you know the dance to my own beat kind of person, the dreamer.

   I was born in beautiful Colorado, raised by the two most amazing parents. Eating dirt and chocolate dipped ice cream cones, it was a good childhood. Eight years after my birth my best friend was born, also known as my little big brother. It was like having my very own life like doll. As the years passed I became a senior in high school and adopted my very own doggie daughter, Lylah. White blonde, slightly fluffy, and a tad bit scruffy; she is one of the best things that has happened to me. In 2013, I graduated college with and associates degrees in the medical field. I was really good at it but definitely not my true passion. A few jobs later and troublesome experiences, jolted me to do the unthinkable. I drove thirteen hours, eight hundred thirty four miles into unknown sunny Arizona. I moved away from everything and everyone I seek comfort in. People ask why? Well, why not.

   Not many things I regret in life because although they may hurt, learning from each moment is worth more. After a year of “finding myself” Moved back home, to comfort. One thing that I could say is being comfortable is not always best. Being in the rut of waking up to work for someone else, getting off late to just to go to sleep to start the cycle over again; because comfort outweighs the unknown. I’ve always told others that we can not become what we want if we remain the same. From here on out I will not remain the same; I will be your splash of color or hint of sparkle. So come along with me in this journey we call life. Adventure awaits.


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  1. I’ve always said you’re a beautiful person inside and out, you’re the sparkle and laughter to life. I’ll go with you on any adventure you plan, even the one that I question myself. 😊 You’re an amazing writer! You never cease to amaze me. I’m excited to follow you.
    Mom( You’re cheerleader)

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