DIY Lyric Pumpkin Decor



Okay guys, get ready for the easiest DIY project of your entire life. I’ve been seeing all sorts of painted pumpkin ideas on the Internet, but wanted to create something a little different. Did I mention it only cost four dollars minus the paint and foam brush. This project is perfect for the last minute person or an unexpected event you have to host. If you switch the lyrics to a thanksgiving themed song, you can enjoy these beauties all fall long.


For this project you will need pumpkins, acrylic paint,  a foam brush,  and black alphabet stickers.



Start off by paiting the top or bottom half of the pumpkin, let each half dry as you alternate sides.



You will want at least two coats of paint to make sure you completely cover all of the orange.



Once the pumpkins are dry, carefully place stickers onto pumpkins to create your lyric pumpkins.


What’s your favorite Halloween themed song?