DIY velvet headboard

When you see the cutest headboard but the price tag is not in the budget, you diy. Or maybe you simply enjoy crafting. Well in my case it was a little bit of both. This was my first time making a headboard and it wasn’t pretty at first. I highly recommend not using cardboard!! Perhaps it was the type of velvet I had. Or my cardboard wasn’t strong enough but it was a complete mess. I started out measuring and cutting the foam and cardboard. Laid the fabric over and stretched it to the back. I stapled the velvet to the cardboard and voila you have headboard! Days passes, I noticed it was caving in and had to deconstruct. I scoured the internet for all the tips & tricks and adventured out for round two.

Supplies: plywood, velvet fabric, 2 rolls of foam, 4 screws, staple gun, drill, and a hammer.

So let me teach you from my mistakes. Once you have your foam and and plywood to size MAKE your mounting holes. To do this drill 4 holes in each corner of the plywood. PLEASE do not wait till the end as I did. From here align the piece of plywood where it will be hung. Drill screws in wall that match the holes on the plywood.

I am just saving you from headaches later. As I waited till the end to do any drilling. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty! I had to drill through fabric…. um worst mistake ever. The fabric got stuck and as well as the foam. Smh. You’ll then

You’ll then want to layer the velvet,foam, and plywood upside down so you’ll be able to see the backside.

Fold the side pieces of fabric in and staple. Do the same with the top and bottom pieces. You’ll want to make sure you’re pulling the fabric tight but not too tight where it’s making a dent in the foam around the boarders.

If you can, try to avoid covering your mounting holes. If you can’t, no worries just poke/cut a hole through your fabric.

And voila you’re DONE!! now let’s get to hanging that bad boy up. Drop your screws in your pre-made holes on the wall. Do not screw all the way in, leave some room. Then just hang your headboard into each screw. It sounds like a lot of work but I promise if you do what I say and not what I did it’ll go way faster!! Happy crafting friends.

Uncertainty and search of clarity

As we have officially almost finished one month in 2021 and said our goodbyes to 2020, a year of complete uncertainties. I’m contemplating of doing the unthinkable. This last year has taken a toll on my mental health. As it has on the whole world. And being a workaholic does not quite fix things either.

Before I could even drive I started working. My first job, you guessed it working at a pizza place. I gave almost a decade of my life to that place. Don’t get me wrong free pizza is both a blessing and a curse lol. I don’t regret it, although it was tedious and mundane. I’ve learned a lot from it. And not just how to cut and box a pizza in under a minute. Skills and knowledge that can be transferred to my current and future endeavors.

I know one thing for sure is that I no longer want the mundane life. I want my life to be more fulfilling and meaningful. Today I set my intentions high and start the unthinkable. Live life fearlessly. Outside of all that comforts me. To stop living in fear of what others may think.

“It’s risky. It’s scary. It could all fall apart. But what if it all falls together?”

Yes it definitely will be scary and very uncertain. I just believe that I need to start doing things for my own well-being. So I hereby commit to the unknown in search of my own clarity. Are ya gonna follow along?

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬

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