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   Who am I? That’s a question I’m still in search of. The ones near me, that I love dearly have an illusion of what they believe is me. But the simplest person, could have the most complex mind. With that being said, here are a few things I do know; I’m kind, a good listener, and extremely patient. Although these characteristics are true, they do not define who I am. Deep down, the real me is imploring to escape.

   I was born in beautiful Colorado, raised by the two most amazing parents a girl could ask for. Eating dirt and chocolate dipped ice cream cones, it was a good childhood. Eight years later my best friend was born, also known as my little big brother. It was like having my very own life like doll. Many wonderful years passed and I became a senior in high school. Even though some were harder than others, I learned very valuable lessons. That same year I adopted my own doggie-daughter, Lylah. White blonde, slightly fluffy and a tad bit scruffy, she is one of the best things that has happened to me. In 2013, I graduated college with an associates degree in the medical field. I was really good at it but definitely not my true passion. A few jobs later and troublesome experiences jolted me to do the unthinkable. I drove thirteen hours, eight hundred thirty four miles into unknown sunny Arizona. I moved away from everything and everyone I seek comfort in. People ask why? Well, why not.

   I’ve always been on the more unique side, so my parents called it. Most people say I’m a dreamer but that’s what makes me, me. One thing I’ve learned is that we can not become what we want, if we remain the same. Life needs a splash of color or a hint of sparkle. So come along with me, on this journey we call life. Adventure awaits.

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